the la

I woke up an hour early this morning with an intent on shaving.. then I cut myself shaving.

Work was work, a lot of questions and a lot of information repeated over and over.

I got home and started to look for mac programs for the following:

- Quote program- I'm looking for an overlay thing that lists a mantra or quote.. with an editable list so I can add my own motivational phrases.

- an easy to use cartoon drawing program. The anime 5 one out there is too intense for the goofy cartoons I want to make

- choose your own adventure writer. This one has got to be out there.. it is such a simple idea!

- a way or place to list all the stuff I use to write or capture stuff.. maybe I'll just make a webpage for this.. and I should considering that

Also, I'm liking lj less and less as it gets bought and sold so willy nilly.. it was once part of sixapart, but now is owned by some russian company.. hmm... I guess I should look into hosting it on my oft neglected server.. at least then the posting of pictures or whatever would have drag and drop simplicity .. I don't want to get too bogged down with code or tools again. I don't have that kind of free time anymore like I did back in the early years of college.

Oh, and I went to Los Feliz to meet up with some friends. I grabbed my camera, but soon regretted it as I became- 'the camera guy' which immediately removed me from socializing and turned me into a documentation mode.. I wish someone would follow me around with a camera .. then again... maybe not.

Oh, and I got a $45 ticket. There weren't any signs anywhere, but contesting a ticket hasn't worked the times I've tried it.

The arrival

Yesterday my camera came in the mail.. again. Did I mention that I bought the same camera because it is $100 cheaper now and returned it to Costco? Now I did.

Today my razors, strop, shaving mug and soap arrived!

Yipee! I picked the best two razors and I'll sharpen them up and shave... in a couple days. I just shaved this morning with my old mach3 razor.

Man, that handle on that one is years old.. I think I had it back in Seattle.. maybe even before that!

Anyway, this post isn't really about that.

I saw Broke (some monkeybutler people are in it). Oh, how it got me all revitalized to do some artsy stuff. I know the same thing happened and then I bought a camera..

I just need to surround myself with creative people.

The strange thing is, there are LOTS of creative types at work! I had this project a few months ago where I went around taking everyone's picture.. well.. then someone went and deleted them all! It was then that I found out you can't take pictures out of the address book.

Now I'm all interested in interviewing my co-workers. First of all, we have TONS of new people and I don't know everyone.. and there are a lot of connections that could be made as we have someone from practically every industry working at our store.

I don't want to make a big deal about it, but I think I'll bring my camera tomorrow and make a page or two for everyone! It would be great to know everyone, and have a core set of questions about people... like what do they do for fun or art, and what are there dreams.

Hmm.. how to start.

waiting ten years

the other day I recieved the invitation to my high school reunion.

I took today to see what I could cross of my to do list.

You know what has been on that list for years? A straight edge razor. I've wanted a straight edge razor ever since highschool.. and I always thought it was too expensive.

On tuesday I ran other errands and one of them brought me to Target to buy some disposable razors. You know how much those cost? $12. I don't know what has taken me so long to look further into this straight edge razor thing.. but I've waited long enough! I'm going to buy one!

Unfortunately this is difficult to do. I read long ago that you can find razors at a junk store, but at all the stores I've been too, not one has had a good selection of razors. So I'm turning to the biggest junk store of them all-


It has been a long time since I big on something. I'm waiting a few hours to bid on a selection of 9 razors! Wow! What a deal they are too- unless someone outbids me.

After the razor I still have to get:

a strop to sharpen it
a styptic pencil (these are hard to find, but I'll check out Walgreens)
a boars hair brush, cup and soap

I've also been online all day looking at other things I've been wanting for YEARS as well.

-A Porthole. I saw one at Trader Joes and always meant to stop in at a maritime store-
-a push button light switch. I stayed in this house back in Seattle that had a push button switch, and then at the Gamble house I saw it again- fortunately a company sells them for a reasonable price at http://www.classicaccents.net/

Off Tuesday

Ah, a break. Things have been pretty busy, as usual.

Last week I worked diligently trying to finish editing the Filmmakers video. Thursday was my first day off where I had nothing scheduled, so I intended to work all day until it was completely done.

I got to the store at 9am and worked until 4pm, when I got a call from my roommate Eric in a wispy voice.

"can you take me to the hospital, I don't feel very well."

I abruptly stopped and raced home. The drive seemed to take forever.

Once home I realized I didn't know where the nearest hospital was and Eric was sprawled out on his bed. Charlotte appeared soon-after and we drove to the hospital.

We were there for 6 hours. It took them a couple hours to see him in the emergency room (yikes). Then they took him away. He's doing fine now, they didn't know what the deal was. some virus probably.

On Friday our improv group performed at Monkeyfest 1. We had a lot of fun. Marianne showed up, but had gotten lost- so she only saw the last minute of our set. The rest of the performance was cool. Afterwards we all went out to Conrads.

Unfortunately, I arrived late and sat at the end of the table. You know how ends of tables are. I was near people I didn't know very well, and was often left out of their conversation. I drank my cup of hot cocoa (which cost me $5) and visited with the people on the other side where the conversation was lively. Good times though, good times.

Saturday and Sunday work work. Sunday night I decided to try out VooDooPad. It is a wiki program that allows you to o back and forth between linked pages. Like a website..

I figured it would be a good place to write out all those ideas and rules we have rattling around in our heads at work. Like which computers are used for what etc.

I also played with the idea of making it the storage base for all those tips and solutions we found.. but that was way to overwhelming. Instead we are going to just throw all our tips&tricks on the server hard drive (yay! a new one for us all instead of getting lost among the computers). Then we'll use the search capabilities of the system.

Anyway, Sunday night I woke up in the middle of the night with all these ideas flowing on how to set it up. I wrote out 5 pages in a notebook I had laying around. Fortunately Monday I was able to make time to set it all up. Cool stuff.

So now it is Tuesday. I have no plans for today except to clean my room, wash laundry and try once again to cross of those bothersome to dos I put away for a cloudy day- which is today.

Photo Flashback - Etc

This morning I began to scan some of the loads and loads of half-filled notebooks that are throughout my room. Then I had this great idea to make a special iphoto library dedicated to all of my acting notes.

I started browsing through my vast collection of super archaic photos.. Wow! What a time warp! All these memories flew by from 8 years ago.. all the places I've been, all the friends I've made, all the girls I dated, and all those hopes and dreams I used to be filled with about where my life would be going.

I am still dreaming.

Looking at these past to do lists and such though reminds me that those dreams I had years ago have stayed dreams.. there are still undone projects and ideas that I'd like to see fulfilled. Ugh, procrastination..

I was talking to Eric about how hard I am on myself.. and how I am always berating myself.. how I focus on the things I don't have.

He said, "I don't think that's true. You seem to reflect on the things you have.. at least once a month."

For some reason that strikes me as funny.

Coming up-
Tonight- David's two man improv show in Hollywood (I'm going)
Saturday- Heather's birthday party; laser tag
May 2- Monkeyfest (an improv show) May 2, in Pasadena
May 10-

Plus, check out:


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The busy day

A few weeks ago Graham offered to lend me his road bike while he was away. I called him this morning and he said I could pick it up.

I figured I could get a few things done at once, so I combined my run with this errand.

I got lost though and ran in a loop a couple times before I figured out where I was. Eventually I picked up the bike and rode it to my house.

The thing is though, I was reminded how incredibly dangerous it is to ride your bike on a road! Especially the places I was going today. Several roads are in construction, and quite bumpy.

Once home I organized a few things in my room and did some work on my Bento database. I also almost finished editing the Dangerously Awesome vid.

Hmm.. I need to figure out how much I want to learn video editing. The time just slipped through my fingers. Do I really want to learn Final Cut Pro right now? Sure it would be useful to make professional quality videos, but I need to invest more time in socializing. That is hard to do when I am sitting in my room for long periods of time.

I am such a perfectionist sometimes.. it gets frustrating at times.


I realized that I've taken photos everyday so far. I've decided to try for 30 days! That would be interesting. Plus I'll be forced to use this camera more often.

I'd still like to have that photo scavenger hunt with my friends- but trying to find time is an issue. My best bet is early morning, but a lot of people don't like to get up early like that.


I skipped improv tonight because I thought we had a shakespeare workshop. I just re-read the email and discovered that that isn't for a couple weeks.


Now it is pretty late.. if I left I'd be there late.. Hmm.. I'll go anyway.