Matthew Ray Hirsch (hmatt) wrote,
Matthew Ray Hirsch

Santa Monica Saturday

I woke up before my alarm. 6 something. It took a while as I gathered everything I would possibly need for the beach.

I tend to overpack, but I had lofty goals. I wanted to run, so I needed all my running gear (shoes, socks, special running belt with water holster). I wanted to take pictures (my camera, extra lens and flash). My notebook and printed todo list to get things done. Also food, crackers, oranges and bananas.

I had to stop at Vons for some new kleenex boxes so I wasn't on the road until 8 or so.

By the time I arrived in santa monica I had planned out how to use my time most efficiently. I changed my mind however after seeing all the runners doing their morning run. I knew that if I waited I wouldn't bother because tanning takes all the energy out of you.

So I ran. It was the first time I used the belt thing. It was nearly perfect, except I had to tuck my iphone deep within the pocket, but otherwise all good.

It has been a LONG while since I last ran so I did 4 sets of 15 minutes. I ran along the cement pathway intended for bikes, and then ran back. I was reluctant to use the path in such a way, but EVERYONE was out there running. Plus I had my airdrive headphones that allow me to hear what is going on around me. Quite handy.

I think next time I'll bring a sweatband though. My forehead got sunburnt throughout the day because the sunscreen wore off. Oh well.

I was so proud of myself for not stopping. I did wonder once if 15 minutes had gone by at the very end and I only had 1:15 left on the clock. Oh man, I hope someone makes a software for the iPhone so I can use the Nike + feature of my shoes. I wonder how far I ran?

Next I I took pictures at the Farmers Market. I was fortunate that it happened to be today. I tried being all unique, but I suppose there are few things that you can do around fruit and vegetable shots.

I thought Marianne was going to catch up with me, but she had an audition last minute. No worries though because at 1 Jen arrived. We did a class at the Actors Garage long ago and I recently saw her show at the Roxy (on top of the Rox). We hadn't caught up since Christmastime, so it was fun to hang with her again. She is a fun person. Alas, she'll be leaving for three weeks soon, and then on a tour in August.

We tanned on the beach, and then walked around the promanade. We ate at some cafe. I tried an Ostrich Burger!! And, it wasn't all that great.. It was huge by the way. Her tunamelt sandwich tasted weird we both decided.

She stopped in some Yoga store and it reminded me when Eric and I used to do yoga all the time. Those were the days. I'd like to go again sometime. Oh, a funny note. Although this store was co-ed, 99 percent of the photos were of these women in various painful looking poses. Then the guy was was just standing there. I don't know what they were trying to say, but it struck me as funny.

The girls that worked there were friendly and I expressed how I find it difficult to talk with strangers in places like that, to get peoples contact info. I prefer dancehalls or parties for the intimacy they involve. It, like running, is something I'll have to get over. It isn't just pretty girls either. I used to spend all day at the beach and not having enough guts to ask people if I can play volleyball with them.

It is one of the many bad habits which I intend to break soon.

Yesterday a coworker that I didn't really talk to all that much caught me at Rite Aid. "Hi" it began. I didn't really know what to say to her or what to ask, so it was REALLY silent and VERY awkward. We both started to walk away, until I finally began the smalltalk again. It was really strange and I don't know why I turned to walk away. I guess I was surprised to run into someone I know (I use that term loosely).. that doesn't happen all that often. Mostly that is because my friends live out of town and I don't walk around much. Both will change by Summers end.

Jen left and I walked to the Apple store. They were having some sort of event with the director of Get Smart. They fielded some questions and then I drove home.

It was a very different day then spending hours on end in front of a computer.

See a few pictures at

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