Matthew Ray Hirsch (hmatt) wrote,
Matthew Ray Hirsch

The Norton Simon Friday

Yesterday I went to the Norton Simon museum and was astonished to discover that it is so close to downtown. It was just adjacent to the Ralphs I've walked to on my lunch breaks!

I guess the real story starts when I decided it would be a great idea to take the bus to the museum. I waited, and waited, and waited. There wasn't a place to sit and I was in the full sun right in front of a few gas pumps so I was inhaling fumes most of the time and trying to busy myself with ideas on how I could organize my files aside from folders. I was just about to give up when it turned the corner.

There were only a few of us on the bus, and so the driver was very jovial and started talking about hot weather and how she likes the thermometer on the outside of her house that has to be placed in the right spot..

On we drove. I saw the museum and held my hand up as if ready to get off, but the nearest spot was two blocks away so I had to walk the rest of the way anyway.

I saw a school bus outside and inside there were several high school students all dressed up for the museum. I, however, was wearing my rei cargo pants and a bright green shirt with the mario 1UP and Green Mushroom on the front. Very classy.

The museum only had a layer and a half to peruse, which I did. The renaissance era collection wasn't that interesting. The painters at the time sure loved topless women. It was pretty ridiculous too. A few men would be fighting or something, and the woman would have fallen out of her blouse, not noticing.

It also struck me as so odd seeing all the classic style paintings together like that. They don't just stand around naturalistically you know. Everyone must have a different emotion or reaction. There is a bunch of symbology there, but I think it would be funny to pose my friends in such a way sometime. There would be all these snapshots and then a very blatantly staged photo. It seems so odd.

Maybe I'll do that when I get married, what a bunch of great shots to have as part of a wedding album. Strange body poses, and then a couple animals from nowhere in particular.

Norton Simon was some rich collector and he was into a few things. The renaissance types of paintings, middle eastern and buddist statues, and then some new era stuff like a few picassos and a Dechamp exhibit.

It didn't really tie together as Mr Simon bought whatever he liked at a particular time. I'd sure like to try some of those types of art pieces though. I'm not so into wax and copper molds and such, but clay and marble would be interesting. I have absolute awe for the amount of patience it must have taken for stone work. There aren't any ways to fix things right!?

At the end I walked around the garden outside and then watched a Sister Wendy segment on the museum. It was an interesting outing.

I walked around old town and then walked down colorado stopping at random stores. I went to the Rite Aid and finally found some coconut scented sunscreen (banana boat, and it is really banana coconut rum). I bought a 8 SPF and 40. I figured I could get rid of my farmers tanlines.

I also bought a pair of corduroy pants and a crazy green/orange shimmering color-change shirt. It was pretty wild.

When I got home Eric had invited some people over and we all played Clue, ate pizza and then I won at elimination Jenga. It was fun.

Then I went to be early with the intention of waking early to go to Santa Monica in the morning.

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