Matthew Ray Hirsch (hmatt) wrote,
Matthew Ray Hirsch

the rise and fall of (and soon resurfacing)

While waiting for my car's oil to be changed I began to write down my usual to do list.

I realized that my webpages on have been crumbling! For some reason my ./icons directory was overwritten or something, so my pictures don't appear correctly.

It is time for a new webpage.

I'd like my handcoding days to be over. It was so incredibly time consuming to keep up that website. *shudders at time spent*

The sad realization is that no one really went to my website anyway. Everyone is all about myspace and facebook and I got sick of trying to keep up with the various online profiles.

Still, there are a lot of things I'd like to share with the world, and a website is the easiest way to do that.

The only problem is how to keep everything up. I've been using livejournal for several years now, and it makes up the bulk of my posted thoughts. I tried connecting the lj with my website last year with and it still works although the web domain has long since expired (it still is available at )

I had this idea to keep all of my pages online as long as I could, but the old pages are relics of another time. The links they connected to have long since perished and there isn't a historian after my website right now.

Still, I'd like a way to post my info and keep everything current with ease. Someday I'll move the lj stuff onto my own server, but that is such a huge project that isn't necessary right now.

I wrote out the important things to me at this time and how 2.0 will look. As well as the 3.0 version.

In the 3.0 version everything will be connected and all done from one program on the go or at home. Of course, the internet is still barely getting along with the API ideas. In the meantime I'll utilize all those various websites I post to, and will use as a hub of sorts.

Classic hmatt sites will be deleted, but still available over at the internet archive.*/

*sigh* such a waste really. I have tons of storage space and usage bandwidth with, but I'll probably use the .mac hosting until I get a better idea on what my new page(s) will look like.

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